Pacific Glass started as a partnership in the 1950's which thrived well into the post war era as an importer and dealer of architectural glass.  The company was incorporated in 1963 in order to expand its operations to take advantage of the surge in construction activities in the 60's. It was also during this period that Pacific Glass Corporation became one of the major distributors of then Republic Glass Corporation (now Asahi Glass Phils.), a Filipino company that pioneered in the local manufacture of architectural glass.

The glass trading business of PGC grew substantially from the 60's up to the mid 90's.  However, due to stiff competition of other distributors and the proliferation of glass importers, the company decided to expand its product line by offering a wide-range of glass processing services.  Hence, in 1995, it imported the first computerized glass engraving machine in the Philippines. Since then, it has added other computerized glass edging, beveling, drilling, milling and automatic cutting machines, thereby sealing its reputation as a pioneer in the industry providing a wide range of high quality glass processing services. The company counts among its satisfied clients several major exporters of high-end Philippine furniture.

During that period, the company made a bold decision to enter the consumer market through the introduction of "PROFILES" - the first locally branded line of ready-to-install mirrors.  Notwithstanding strong competition from Chinese made mirrors, Profiles continues to be the most dominant brand in this market by offering an array of models developed to suit even the most discerning customer.

The year 2001 saw yet another first for PGC as it pioneered the usage of glass color coating technology in the Philippines under the “GRAPHICOTE” brand. Using special paint from Australia, GRAPHICOTE color coated glass drew positive response from the market and soon, its  brand became the color coated glass specified by some of the country's leading architects and interior designers.  To date, despite some competition, GRAPHICOTE Color Coated Glass continues to be the preferred brand because of its quality and wide range of colors and finishes.  In 2006, PGC successfully launched SENSA Deco Glass -- its brand  of acid- etched mirrors and glasses that can be used for partitions, door panels and wall cladding.

Pacific Glass continues to fulfill its role as a leader in the glass industry through its continued commitment to product research, development and innovation.



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